“From the first time I entered the gym I knew it was somewhere I could truly recognise my full potential, not only from the amazing equipment they supply but the incredible vibe the place exudes, it ‘s like nowhere else and is somewhere, and something you have to encounter to truly understand and appreciate. The environment is purely there to create success and that is blatantly obvious when listening to the way the team wax lyrical about their roles within your transformation. Their experience within the industry, in my opinion, is unrivaled and they are all there to help you achieve your goal. In an industry that, from experience, is difficult to trust, Embody delivers on every level…. with spades. Professionalism ooze’s from everyone you speak to but not in a arrogant way at all, its more reassuring, its somewhere you know you are in safe hands and almost part of the team. I’ve trained in many different places over the years and I can honestly say nowhere even comes close. As for my trainer, there are no words but let me try. He’s became a friend, someone who wanted me to succeed whole heartedly, sometimes more than I did myself. Someone I didn’t want to let down! I found myself asking “what would Tek do” when I came to a difficult place within the diet. During workouts he would always get that extra 10% out of me when, the same 10% that if training on my own I wouldn’t, and that’s the difference. I can honestly say I enjoyed every single session and found myself looking forward to an hour of Tek banter! No question was ever unanswered, silly or to much trouble he was a wealth of knowledge and his enthusiasm was infectious. A true personal trainer in the purest form, he practises what he preaches and that, for me, is key. He knew what to expect, when and how to deal with it, when to push me and when we needed to take a second. An ideal role model for anyone thinking of getting in to the field and someone I look up to. The rest of the team are all fantastic and were always there with helpful advice, a knowing ear or just a laugh and joke when needed. At this point I feel George needs a special mention. He was always there with a smile on his face and a witty quip, Embody wouldn’t be the same place without you. Thank you so much to everyone at Embody, as Arnold would say….I’ll be back!!” – Ben