James Russell

James’ own life experience has built him into the fantastic trainer he is today. Having lost 24kgs over a 6-month period in his teenage years – his interest in fitness has become not only his passion but also his career.

Why I love my job

I am passionate about health and wellbeing as my own personal weight loss experience (losing 24kg over a 6 month period at the age of 16) has not only improved my health considerably but has provided me with a career that I love and continue to learn about everyday. I believe this helps me to push clients to their absolute limits. Knowing what this process feels like helps me relate to my clients and guide them to achieve their absolute best.

My greatest motivation

To be able to impact and help people through my own personal experiences and setbacks in providing them with motivation, encouragement and guidance; to be involved in a team environment where everybody is performing their best to deliver outstanding results.

Hobbies and interests

Hobbies and interests I enjoy travelling around the world; having grown up in France, I enjoy engaging with different cultures and people. This includes experiencing different food styles and cooking.

Relevant experience/background qualifications

  • BSc Sports Science
  • PICP 1
  • PICP 2
  • CHEK
  • Exercise Coach
  • CHEK HLC 1
  • Biosignature 1
  • Be Activated 1
  • TRX Group Trainer

Personal Trainer