Joshua Lyons

Joshua’s personal drive and positivity is contagious. With his strengths lying in fat-loss, building power and physique it’s no surprise his favourite area to train in is resistance and HIIT. His record of helping clients to achieve their goals can be credited to his ability to adapt seamlessly with each client, and his wealth of knowledge he has built up over his time in the fitness industry.

Why I love my job?

Fitness and exercise is my greatest motivation. It overrides everything else as far as my priorities go. I’ve always felt that if I’m not at the top of my game physically, then I’m not at the top of my game mentally.

My greatest motivation

Due to my personal drive to be as positive on the outside as I am on the inside, I know what it takes to get results. Helping others to get to the top of their game is an amazing reason to wake up in the morning! Combining a job and my passion is a dream come true.

Hobbies and interests

Apart from exercise, my other huge interests are cinema and music. I’m equally happy watching a film at home or spending a week in a field at a music festival! Golf has also been a recent addition to my list of hobbies and I am gradually improving at it.

Relevant experience/background qualifications

  • Level 3 REPS Personal Trainer
  • Degree in Leisure 7 Sports

Personal Trainer