“My trainer delivered everything I could have hoped for and more. My initial targets went out of the window quickly as soon as I realised the results that I could achieve with their help. Expert nutritional advice to gruelling training sessions have produced fantastic results for me in a short space of time. After years spent in the gym with slow and limited results, I had started to think that I would never again have the body I had in my early 20′s. A complete change of approach from cardio to weights has changed all of that. This has completely changed my attitude to muscle (my arms look great with some!), exercise and diet, and I’m never going back. I cannot recommend them enough!” – Julie

After breaking down the usual misconceptions of how females should approach training for fat loss, Julie then followed her bespoke nutrition plan to the letter. There was absolutely no treadmills or running in the park, plodding along on the x-trainer or sweating it out on a spin bike here. Instead Julie was put through our unique female fat loss workouts consisting of intelligent and specific resistance exercise. The change in Julie’s figure only serves as evidence as to why women need to embrace the benefits of a cleverly devised strength and condition programme that produces such amazing and life changing results!