“I was tired of seeing other guys with the results that i wanted, knowing that they weren’t working any harder than i was in the gym. So finally something gave after training on my own for 15 years and i visited the experts at Embody. 10 weeks later i’m clearly over the moon – i’m actually spending less time in the gym but i am stronger than ever and my body fat is sub 10% from 23%. The program from Embody actually complimented what i enjoy – lifting weights, little cardio and lots of food, especially proteins from meat and fish.

The whole food program was so structured that i just followed the steps and put about 2 hours per week preparing my food. the sacrifice of cutting out starches and dairy was completely manageable and made a huge difference. I was never really hungry either given all the food that i was eating. I am so much more knowledgeable now about my diet. I know that i won’t ever revert back to old habits.

On the gym side of things, i spent 3 hours per week with my trainer Greg. That’s it! Every 2 weeks Greg switched up the program to shock my muscles into change and growth. this was completely different to the same routine i had been doing for years, and me also likely overworking myself with too much muscle burning cardio. so i got stronger with less work, and my body looks better. Greg was super positive and made the gym one of my favorite things each week to look forward to.

It all sounds simple because the team at Embody makes it simple. If you think that you can’t do it then you’re fooling yourself. You only live once so make the most of it. It is easy.

The buzz of my results has got me continuing at Embody now to keep pushing the results and see where i can get my fitness levels to. Really happy with the team there and I’ve recommended the program to numerous people who are asking me “how the heck did you change your body, you look great”. – Justis