Marcel Jasenovec

Marcel, a keen sports enthusiast and ex-professional footballer, has a passion for sports science, strength & conditioning and human anatomy. Always true to his passion for learning, he keeps his sessions educational, engaging, energetic and positive.

Why I love my job

I love seeing the progress and change my clients make throughout their training. Not only the change in the weights they lift but also their appearance and posture changes – as that’s my main focus. People often forget how to maintain a healthy body, they try eating healthier but don’t look after their posture, technique of lifting, breathing etc. and they often spend a third of their day slouching over a computer. I make it my goal to fix these aspects of their overall health and when I do, that is my ultimate reward.

My greatest motivation

The passion from my clients inspires me to help them reach their goals – especially when I see they are putting 100% in to their sessions (and avoided that pint of beer over the weekend). I always ensure they receive a 100% of my attention both on the gym floor, and off of it too.

Hobbies and interests

Football, Olympic weightlifting, tennis, swimming, alongside adrenaline sports (wing suit flying is my dream), playing guitar, watching movies and karaoke singing!

Relevant experience/background qualifications

  • Undergraduate degree in Sports & Exercise Science
  • Postgraduate certificate in Strength & Conditioning
  • Ongoing Masters degree in Strength & Conditioning
  • REPs level 3 Personal Training
  • Sports Analysis Level 3

Personal Trainer