“To say Embody Fitness lived up to their reputation would be somewhat of an understatement. Such was my trainer’s infectious enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and passion for getting me to the goals I wanted to achieve, that by the second week I was genuinely more afraid of letting him down than myself – a fear that proved useful when the pub was calling or that cheesecake was eyeballing me from the back of the fridge. When someone is willing to put so much effort into providing you with a bespoke diet plan and tailored fitness regime, the motivation to stick to it summons itself. After just eight weeks I achieved the sort of results I’d spent the last five years failing miserably to get anywhere near. You’ll find a range of apparatus and level of service you just don’t get anywhere else. More than just the aesthetic transformation he helped me achieve, I left the course feeling stronger, healthier and an altogether more confident person.” – Rich

Whilst Richard’s before images show he was not a complete stranger to the gym (of which many of our personal training clients are), it clearly demonstrates the difference between choosing to go it alone and choosing to work along side the industry leading personal training team.

Every aspect of Richard’s training and nutrition was assessed and monitored meticulously, leaving nothing to chance and constantly adapting and progressing his every workout. Within a matter of 2 weeks results started to become apparent which served as motivation enough to work even harder. The gauntlet of achieving the Men’s Health cover model physique had been laid down right from start and you could see Rich buzzing with excitement in every workout.

Rich’s shoulders and arms are clearly transforming after 8 weeks