“I never believed the images I saw online of the transformations that were taking place at Embody. I have to be perfectly honest and say that I joined Embody at a point of desperation, as my training with my previous trainer was going nowhere. I’d stopped seeing any development and had lost the desire to train altogether. My initial meeting was amazing and I knew straight away I was coming to the right place. No dreams were sold – instead it was clearly explained what I could hope to achieve and I was made to feel at home knowing I was now in the right hands.

It was explained to me that my training was to be completed with a dedicated trainer and my nutrition to be handled by the nutrition team. I have to say that the biggest factor to achieving what I have was largely down to my diet, and the incredible level of expertise and attention I had not received in the past. Everything was simplified and explained down to the last meal. I wasn’t just being told what I could eat, I was being educated as to why, what and when I am eating it.

Now I am able to just look at the macro breakdowns of my meals and know everything I need to about the nutritional values. The meal plans were amazing, as I could pick from so many different things and I suppose it didn’t really feel like I was dieting at all. Don’t get me wrong, cutting out carbs initially was difficult but to achieve success in anything you have to sacrifice. If it was easy, everybody would be able to do it and everybody would have an incredible physique.

My trainer was hand-picked for me, as he was the best trainer to help me achieve my desired results. He had the body I wanted and knew everything we had to do on the gym floor to achieve it. The pace was set by him and quickly adapted to suit my ability. The whole customer service experience was so different to what I had previously received. The only way I can sum it up is to say that everybody actually cared how I was doing in the gym. Greg kept me motivated throughout every single training session, which were always executed perfectly. There were mornings when I was just not into it but he always found a way to keep my motivation levels up. Without him I wouldn’t sit here today with a 6 pack. He continuously challenged me to better myself both inside and outside of gym. I accepted his plank challenge, which we do need to make time for soon!” – Ricky