“As the saying goes: “The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.” For me, this doing was choosing Embody Fitness; it is here results are made.

Having been a fitness fanatic for some time, I decided to ‘up my game’ to see what I could really achieve if I put my mind to it. That is half the story, the discipline. The other half is the knowledge; it is to this end where Embody Fitness, for me, stands unrivalled in the UK market.

Being no stranger to the gym floor, I was well aware of the fitness industry’s bombardment of empty promises from the new so called ‘wonder’ supplements, to the latest fads in mainstream gyms and quite frankly a lack of experienced personal trainers who understand what works. This is where after an initial meet with the Embody team, and the subsequent session with my trainer, I have never looked back; I was, and remain, in the very best hands.

After day one, I knew immediately that this was a trainer with seasoned experience, who I can now categorically say is the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever come across. Having met several good personal trainers over the years, this statement speaks volumes and should be at the forefront of anyone’s mind who is considering Embody. And don’t think that this knowledge starts and stops on the gym floor, oh no. The age old saying of “you are what you eat” stands sound here.

The design and constant tweaking, according to my progress, of a nutrition programme tailored exactly to my body’s metrics and goals, just demonstrates the extent of the bespoke service Embody offers; personalisation is what these guys do best. Such meticulous tailoring makes this the environment to achieve whatever your goal, whether that is dropping several pounds, looking like the Men’s Health or Men’s Fitness cover model, or taking your training to a new heightened level. Two weeks in, results will already appear, making you hungry for more.

All this combined with the positivity of the whole team, makes Embody the place I love to train. Stranger to the gym or not, it matters little. On the gym floor everyone is there for one purpose to work-out, to achieve. The radiating passion for success which emanate from the trainers, coupled with the knowledge, and the down to earth environment, means that success is the only option.

After 8 weeks I measured in at 3.8% body fat whilst gaining over 4 kilos of solid muscle. I felt healthier, stronger and ready for the next challenge.” – Zade