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Embody Fitness is an exclusive personal training business that is setting new industry benchmarks for rapid and outstanding physical transformations. See here for some of our results.

Our unique approach to personal training will ensure you achieve world class results no matter what your goals. Our personal trainers and sports professionals have trained top celebrities, olympic gold medalists and many other elite athletes. See here for our athlete testimonials.

No two human beings are the same and we apply the same philosophy at Embody Fitness. Every client will have different needs when it comes to training, nutrition or injury prevention and therefore every programme we create is bespoke to each client.

A key difference at Embody Fitness is that we believe the best results are only consistently achieved where a ‘team’ approach is adopted – much like the support network available to high performance athletes. This can only happen if we can offer the best personal trainers in London alongside other sports professionals to ensure you receive that Olympic athlete experience.

This covers every aspect of your time with us, from initial assessments and programme setting, personal training, regular monitoring and re-assessment, comprehensive nutritional support and on-site sports therapy and rehab – we focus on everything and leave nothing to chance.

Any personal training in the City of London is often a big investment and we believe clients should have the right to consistent, professional and exemplary service in a highly motivating and friendly atmosphere. We want to set a much higher benchmark for service and delivery in the personal training industry because we believe that is what clients deserve.

At Embody Fitness we ensure every step of your journey is planned for and taken care of and that you are looked after throughout. No part of your experience is left to chance and we want you to feel that you have all the support you need to achieve your goals.

When clients train at Embody they often comment on how great the atmosphere is compared to other gyms of London. Our goal was to make the atmosphere on the gym floor as motivating, fun and supportive as possible. We believe that if our clients are truly enjoying their experience with us, they are infinitely more likely to achieve amazing results. When clients are kind enough to tell us this is exactly what we have delivered then this feels like the best job in the world.

Any business should ultimately be judged on their results and the personal training industry is no different.

Clients come to Embody Fitness because they have serious and ambitious fitness goals and often want to get in the best shape of their lives. Our mission is simple…to ensure they achieve this with all the professional support and advice they need along the way.

In a short period of time Embody has already produced consistently outstanding client results that have already set a new benchmark in the personal training industry (see results gallery). Our aim is to ensure you receive the best personal training in London anywhere.




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12 week transformation
“Embody Fitness has basically changed my whole life. I was a man who hated exercise and was in poor physical health. The facilities and staff are world class but Embody Fitness is so much more than a gym. When you start, they form a complete team around you to look after every aspect of your training and diet and their goal is to build the ‘legend of you’. Embody Fitness changed everything in my life and the results speak for themselves. I could not recommend them highly enough as the best personal training in London.”

James Sherry

12 week transformation
“I came to Embody looking to ‘lose a few kilos’, which had been an elusive goal for a number of years. After just a few weeks I realised we were going to shoot past that goal and beyond. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Seriously. This team are the best in the business with such expert knowledge on strength and conditioning for fat loss, as well as the right nutritional plan which never leaves you hungry. Such a transformative experience to learn the right techniques from the experts”

– Morv


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