Build a chest without busting your shoulders

With the rising popularity of the fitness model phenomenon, a brief observation of some of its new champions would suggest a harkening back to what many consider the golden era of the Health and Fitness movement. Here the adorned characteristic of the “ideal” male physique place’s the pectorals as the show piece of the front panel. […]

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Building the Man Muscle

Despite the somewhat obvious innuendo laden title, the muscle group I am of course referring to is ……the forearms. Some may surmise that the far greater visual impact of a larger muscle group such as the Pec’s, Biceps and Triceps make a far better candidate for a muscle group to epitomise a species.
Yet it is the subliminal manipulation of an evolutionary biology that makes the understated forearms the muscles of choice to subtlety convey a few key alpha qualities. In the most understated way possible an impressive lower arm sends out a subtle message to all those around, indicating the possession of strength and a lean body composition. […]

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Can you build muscle whilst burning fat?

Embody personal trainer and Men’s Health contributing writer David Lewis gives us the latest instalment in his 2 for 1 workout column. […]

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Cover model physique in 8 weeks

Embody Director Richard Phillipps has had his latest transformation featured in The City Magazine. You can grab a copy from the Royal Exchange, Canary Wharf or download a digital copy from

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