3 keys to effective sleep

I used to be inspired by the statement proliferated by high flying overachievers quoting the old adage of “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. Although there is undoubtedly a time and a place for this steely dogged work ethic, the fact remains that denying quality sleep is a fast track to the reaper. […]

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Superman’s Secret

The sun, as omnipresent as the sky in which it majestically presides is such an ever present feature in our lives that you could be excused for thinking it has no other purpose than illumination and heat. However increasing numbers of studies are indicating that the suns irradiating glow has a far more important role in our lives than the occasional trip to Bournemouth. […]

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How to build insane abs

Whilst many will be aware that in order to sport a six pack that is so visually impressive, it may result in friends wanting to ditch the beach holiday plans you had and instead hold out for the ski season, then you will need to follow an intelligent and regimented diet plan.

This is of course somewhat a no brainer and anyone serious about attaining great abs will need to put diet at the top of their priorities. What seems to be slightly ironic though, is often the distinct lack of thought and effort that really goes into developing the abdominal muscles. […]

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How to build a back


When it comes to sculpting a physique, there is a tendency for a certain bias or artistic impression, with the back traditionally being completely overshadowed by its attention grabbing agonist, the chest. Now as you can well see through the above example, although after his incredible transformation Charlie Burton is sporting a seriously developed set of Pecs, that leaves some competitive fitness models wanting, due to the intelligence and ingenuity behind his exercise routine he built a back worthy of Greek literature or as our friend Matty Ferrigno said “something Michelangelo carved out” […]

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Metabolic circuit for great glutes

Although Sir Mixalot and I may disagree on the morphology of the desired derriere the fact remains that for both sexes, they exist as an incredibly important set of muscles. Developed and correctly integrated glutes play a significant role in posterior chain movements. The precise sequencing pattern of the calf’s, hamstrings and lower back bestow the ability to both reduce the risk of developing lower back pain and increase performance. […]

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