Taking Control of your Fat Loss

I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but there is no magic bullet, no Holy Grail, and no miracle pill, which can facilitate instantaneous fat loss. Fat Loss, unfortunately, is a process with multiple factors, all needing to be addressed in synergy to accomplish even a small change. However, if I were confined to the restricted parameters of, let’s say a weekly blog, then I would say that if you truly desire to take control of your body composition, you must strive at all costs to control your blood sugar. […]

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Take magnesium for a better body composition

Supplementation for both health and performance has always been a widely debated topic, but with a multitude of companies these days selling products ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, there is one old horse that simply refuses to be knocked from its pedestal.

As many will know, magnesium is one of the most essential nutrients for the body. Involved in at least 300 biochemical processes such as protein synthesis, calcium absorption, testosterone production, insulin sensitivity and detoxification of the stress hormone cortisol, it is safe to say that this supplement will never go out of fitness fashion. […]

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A Quick Guide to Snacking

Without a shadow of doubt, the key to a successful nutritional strategy, whether it be for weight loss, or weight gain, lies in the effective utilisation of snacking. Often choosing the right option can be the difference between sticking to a plan and falling mercilessly off the wagon.

The mechanism behind this lies in stabilising blood sugar, which if allowed to drop will create almost uncontrollable cravings. This is especially true for those with reactive hypoglycaemia, as they tend to have extreme drops in blood glucose leading to notorious food grumps and in more extreme cases, feeling faint or actually passing out. […]

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Why Arm Training is Essential

Generally those with a proclivity for accumulating training knowledge will eventually omit conventional lay literature and eventually wander into the field of Strength & Conditioning papers. After a few months of being immersed in a world of Scientific Studies, force curves and periodisation, many emerge with the crystallised concept that the Olympic Lifts are the one true messiah and dedicating time to train muscles such as the arms is a waste of time. Now, this really bugs me because I love training arms, largely as I am a firm believer training them is essential for improvement of the pressing moves and therefore greater upper body development. […]

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