Fructose Friend or Foe – part 1

The Phenomenon that is the internet has become an unprecedented utility for human connection. We are now no longer so rigidly divided by national barriers and are at the beginnings of a global society. Although this level of connection has the potential to serve as a tool for altruism, it also has an unfortunate down side. Now anyone with a cybernetic soap box can stand upon high and proclaim their opinions as facts. As with many things, an extreme view is seldom accurate and with any emotive subject, diet is one of those areas where people are bound to an ideology and feel personally attacked when challenged on their ideals. So treading extremely carefully, in this two part article I would like to broach the topic of fructose. […]

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Keeping Things Interesting

As is the way with many types of relationship, the key to longevity is avoiding stagnation, repetition and the same routines. They say variety is the spice of life and training should be no exception and regarded in the same vain. […]

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