To Squat or Not to Squat?

So when you come to do your personal training sessions at Embody, you have certain expectations as to what exercises your trainer will have you do. Today we look at one of our all-time favourites…

The squat – and let’s get things straight here, I’m talking about the full back squat with the bar sat on […]

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Getting the basics right – Sleep

Clients that come to us for our bespoke personal training programmes and great results are all too often busy London professionals looking to achieve the amazing. Whilst this does not daunt us in the slightest, we cannot ignore the basics in setting solid foundations for delivering you the results you desire.

I’m often asked, by clients/friends/trainers […]

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#FiveDayFitness hits Embody!

Trace publicity are spending the week trying out London’s best fitness facility’s, each the top of their game in their area.

Naturally Embody Fitness was the pick for the strength and conditioning day in which a number of the Embody Fitness Personal Trainers combined strength training with metabolic circuits – a great way to supercharge fat […]

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