Drinking Smart

We are always being asked which alcoholic drink it’s best to consume.  Which drink has the least number of calories, which ones will cause the least amount of stomach discomfort and which ones will give us the smallest headache the next morning! The truth is that, while there may be some smarter choices around drinks […]

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Top Tips For Eating Healthily Over The Christmas Period

Eating healthily over the Christmas period is plagued with danger, with so many treats on offer. However, it is possible to eat in a way that won’t totally sabotage all your hard work throughout the year!

The key is to remember that moderation is king! By this, we mean having a little of some of the […]

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The Importance of Foam Rolling

If you want to further improve your performance, one of the best investments you can make is a foam roller. Not only do you want muscles to be strong but also pliable and the foam roller supports this.

It is used to apply pressure on sensitive areas of the muscles, often described as trigger points, knots […]

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