When it comes to the topic of fat loss we address an important issue of public health with two presiding factions responsible for dishing out a majority of the information. On one side you have a traditional medical system steeped in dogma, taking a seat of authority and on the other, the independent health processionals. Although intentions are best on both side’s neither is perfect, hear are 3 fat loss tips you won’t get from your GP or Nutritional Therapist.

Fats for Fat Loss

For a group of people who spend hours studying fundamental biochemistry to then advise long term, sub 40 grams of fat per day diets is bordering on criminal negligence.  Fat along with protein are the two most essential macronutrients, without it in the diet we run the risk of descending into a Dante-esk gauntlet of increasingly damaging health conditions. Now it may seem counter intuitive to ingest fat for fat loss, and there is no doubt there are some ground rules that need to be adhered too, such as limiting consumption in the evenings and controlling total daily calories. However, when you consume quality dietary fat such as animal fats, olive oil and avocados you ignite a fat burning metabolism, sparking a cascade of process’s where fat can be utilised as energy and removed from the storage sites.

Forget the food pyramid

This may be somewhat old hat but when your idea of dietary advice is limited to the stock tune of “eat a balanced diet” just don’t bother. It’s widely accepted that the only validity to the traditional food pyramid is in supporting the coffers of grain based industry, or less cynically in reducing the ecological damage the meat and dairy has on the environment. The five a day (or apparently according to recent news seven to ten) fruit and veg, cereal and grain based diets proposed by so called health experts is completely un-physiological and could not be further away from an effective fat loss plan. To kick start a nutritional strategy geared around health and optimal body composition remove all human produced grains, or to add more clarity that’s bread, pasta, cereals and rice. Limit fruit sugar consumption (fructose) to a maximum of 30g per day. Finally, completely eliminate fructose’s Mr Hyde counterpart, high fructose corn syrup. Plain and simple if you see this mutated sugar on the ingredient list put it back on the shelf or do humanity a favour and incinerate it.

Increase Iodine consumption

Sub clinical thyroid conditions are possibly one of the most pervasive undiagnosed maladies effecting our population, although by no means the most destructive. Impeded thyroid performance can infiltrate a vast array of bodily functions from energy levels, digestion and cognitive performance, not to mention metabolism and body composition. The debilitating symptoms are often overlooked by GP’s, who will generally only send for a limited blood test when evidence of overt thyroid disease are present. These “minor symptoms” are huge markers of health and vitality and should be acted upon way before major issues occur. One of the possible reasons behind such wide spread dysfunction is thought to be down to Iodine deficiency. Iodine is a major building block of thyroid hormone and with the World Health Organisation estimating deficiency at a staggering 1 in 3, supplementing this relatively unknown compound is surely obvious. On a funny side note, Iodine supplementation is the “oldest natural cure known to man and thought to be the birth of western medicine”.

To address this issue and to optimise fat loss and health and function, we have developed a Thyroid Support Complex containing a safe dose iodine with the addition of the amino acid tyrosine used to promote proper neurotransmitter production, as signalling the thyroid to do its job in the first place can often be a major factor in dysfunction.


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Written by David Lewis April 2014