It’s the new year and you may need a little help in setting your goals and resolutions for 2016. That’s why we have highlighted all of our available training packages available at Embody Fitness.

Embody Fitness offer an olympic standard personal training team to guide you through your personalised training plans alongside our nutrition and sports performance therapy teams. Our success rate has been proven time after time with clients walking away not only with new physiques, yet improved and healthier lifestyles.




Here we have our 2016 packages to help you on deciding what is the ideal goal to set yourself.

1. The Embody Challenge

Perhaps the most hardcore of all the Embody programs, the Embody Challenge is designed for people who want the biggest result in the shortest space of time. Commitment levels can’t be 95% or even 98%, this challenge requires 100% effort and 100% adherence. For those that do manage this, the results are life changing.

2. Muscle and Physique

Fancy looking like the cover of your favourite fitness magazines?  We have prepared clients for the cover of Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness. That’s the aim of the Muscle and Physique package. For women it’s adding muscle in the right places without giving a bulky look. For guys, it’s sculpting a balanced, aesthetic physique. Often people come to us who’ve tried (and failed) for years in the past to build the physique achieved from one of our packages.



3. Female Fat Loss

As the name suggests, this package targets women and those looking to drop their body fat. Don’t expect hours of boring cardio here! We stick to a scientific approach, using resistance training to significantly raise metabolism for hours, even days after a training session, meaning you can still be burning fat the day after one of our sessions!

4. Rapid Fat Loss

The challenge here is not to simply ensure the weight on the scales is going down, but to make sure it is body fat rather than lean mass that is reducing. On top of this it is crucial to us that results are sustainable and we avoid any kind of metabolic slow down/damage like so many conventional diets or fat loss plans can cause. With these things considered rapid fat loss done well isn’t easy but we have perfected it.

5. Sports Performance

Between our team we have worked with the top sportsmen and women in just about every sport with many of our personal training team having competed themselves at various sports to a high level, including 2 time olympian Sarah Claxton. Clients come to us with goals ranging from preparing for their first sporting event all the way through to elite sports people looking to improve their strength and conditioning, including premier league footballers, rugby world cup winners and olympic champions.

6. Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation

This package targets people returning from an injury and looking to do it in the quickest and safest way possible. Often traditional rehab returns people back to movement but not ready for anything more advanced and certainly not sport so we aim to bullet proof people and will still be improving diet and body composition during this time.

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