‘Embody Fitness was a life-changing experience for me and went so far beyond what I expected I could achieve when I first contacted them. From the second I arrived I knew I’d come to the right place where every single aspect was of the highest quality from the location and facility to the training and diet. Everyone was so personable and my unique injury history wasn’t a problem for them. My assessments were carried out by Danielle, fresh from a season working with the British ski team and a masters degree in sports rehab. Her report told Tim, my trainer, everything he needed to know to write me a safe and effective program.’ – Adam

Adam’s is a truly exceptional story…so exceptional in fact, it made the national press as you can see here.

Suffering a broken back not once, but twice in the space of 4 weeks left Adam with two 7 hour surgeries and thanking his lucky stars to still be alive! Following this he had a long, long road to recovery and just when he thought he had made it and began exercising, it was discovered he had in fact been recovering with a dislocated shoulder from his first fall. A further surgery and months more of rehab and this was the point Adam found Embody Fitness.

With the screening more crucial than ever, the report from this meant trainer Tim Richard knew what exercises would be possible and what wouldn’t, as well as which would be beneficial to include. As the pictures will attest, Adam’s training and diet were able to dramatically change his body cosmetically, dropping his body fat from 15% to 6.5% and adding 8kg of muscle in the process.

However, perhaps more importantly to Adam he was kept injury free for the process and found himself with the healthiest, most mobile body he has had!