Aziza – Dropped from 28% body fat to just 17% in 10 months.

We’re all incredibly proud of Aziza and her results – she dropped from 28.2% body fat to 17.2% in 10 months, losing 8.4kgs of fat in the process. Aziza put a great amount of effort into making the most of every session; which is always rewarding when the results show through.

“My journey with weight loss was hard and frustrating at the beginning, but after joining Embody I’ve started to see the difference in my body’s shape and strength. Exercise is now part of my life style and I’m very much looking forward to continuing my journey to a healthier me.” – Aziza

“Aziza really earned her excellent results by following the process as much as possible, she kept up her training and discipline even when travelling away from home! She was a pleasure to train and always brought an upbeat approach to every session, never settling for just the bare minimum effort. Well done!”  Joshua Lyons, Personal Trainer