We teamed up with Diabetes UK and JDRF to raise funds and awareness about the condition which is a fast growing problem within the UK.

We set you the challenge to beat our personal trainers scores across three power exercises, the Watt bike, Vertical jump and Rowing machine. #BeatIt The winners announced below are the top three for male and female across all three exercise.



Hosted across two days in the City of London, outside the Royal Exchange, crowds drew in to participate in the event, donate to the chosen charities and snack on healthy pots provided by Fresh Fitness Food.

Thank you to all those who participated, a great turn out for a great cause. We look forward to seeing more of you at our next event, coming soon.



1. Ketul Patel
2. Rich Collingwood
3. Andrew Thomas-Campbell

1. Skye Kirk
2. Lera Pakhomova
3. Daniella Nicholls


Get in touch here as soon as possible to claim your prize.


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