Most females want to achieve dramatic fat loss results but this programme also targets a toned and athletic physique for a much more confident look and feel

Female Fat Loss

The biggest mistake the fitness industry makes when it comes to female fat loss is prescribing too much cardiovascular exercise which can actually reduce fat burning capacity! At Embody we take a different, and much more scientific, approach to female fat loss by structuring programmes so that metabolism is increased in the days following each session and, long term, metabolism is greater even at rest!

The way we do this is through metabolic resistance training that is designed to increase lean muscle tissue (which is metabolically active). One of the biggest myths we hear is that women don’t want to ‘bulk up’ but the opposite will happen with this type of training. Muscle takes up less space than fat (per unit of weight) and so adding muscle will lead to a decrease in fat as metabolism is elevated. We also end each session with metabolic afterburner’s – exercises that are designed to keep metabolism elevated for 24-36 hours after each session.

The toned, lean look that lots of women are looking for is only possible using this method as there must be some muscle tissue to add structure and shape to the body as well as utilising body fat for energy.

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Heidi lost 15% body fat in 12 weeks

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