Gareth – 12 Week Transform Package

Gareth came to Embody Fitness with a bad back after a climbing fall, but he also came with a fantastic positive attitude towards his goal. He dropped from 36.7% body fat down to an impressive 14.9% during our 12-Week Transform Package.

Gareth gradually incorporated some workouts of his own on top of his training at Embody – doing cardio on his days off and taking up cycling on the weekends. A brilliant result all round – well done from the team at Embody Fitness.

Gareth –

“Everybody has a different motivation for wanting to get in shape. Mine came in the form of 4 children kindly pointing out that I was “getting quite large like Granddad”. Even looking in the mirror it’s not something that you necessarily want to acknowledge or accept however.

I had tried various gyms and personal training plans previously to no avail. Too much time had been spent in the office and my daily 5 hour commute was beginning to take its toll, all compounded by having had significant back problems for the last 4 years due to a climbing fall.  I realised I needed to do something and invest some time into looking after my health.

From the first time you step into the Embody gym you realise that there is something different and special about it. From my initial consultations with both Chris and Greg it was clear that they were listening to what I wanted to achieve and develop a training and nutrition plan that would help me achieve those goals, rather than just following a standard formula.

Having got over the initial shock of the first weigh in (107kg) and body fat check (36%) I stepped into the gym to meet my personal trainer Tom. From the first session it was clear that he was as motivated as I was to get good results.  We settled on pattern of 3 training sessions a week, the training programme was adapted and amended to keep my body guessing and develop muscle growth whilst burning as much fat as possible. Tom left me broken but with a smile on my face after each session… despite the weighted sled pushing!

I was shocked how quickly my body began to change, sticking closely to the food plan and training regime, my body fat started to drop and I was begging to put on lean muscle. I was surprised how many people noticed the changes before I did, The food plan was straight forward to stick to and became habit rather than a chore and I was surprised how much energy I had even having cut out carbs for the first few weeks.

Regular checks with Greg helped monitor progress and set realistic new targets and goals. The progress was staggering as I surpassed my own expectations at each session.  By the end of the first 12 weeks my body fat had dropped by 22% down to 14%, my weight was down to 85Kg. I’d also lost 5 inches off my waist, a problem no tailor can solve and has left me with the requirement for a new wardrobe as none of my clothes now fit me!

This has left me motivated to carry on working with the team at Embody to see how far I can push myself and achieve even greater levels of fitness. Even going away on holiday Tom gave me a body weight programme to use to maintain my momentum. The result being as we start the next phase of training my weight is down to 81.6 KG and body fat down to 12%.

I would like to thank Chris, Greg and Tom for helping me achieve my goals, Tom is a great personal trainer he has pushed me harder and further than I thought possible, all done with great energy and even humour when the going got tough. I would happily recommend the Embody team to anybody; they really will help you transform yourself.”

Tom Ward (Embody Fitness Personal Trainer) –

“Gareth took the challenge head on and always gave it 100%, he did a great job a sticking to the nutrition plan and cut out drinking for the entire duration of the package. Even a slipped disk caused by a golfing weekend mid-way through his package wasn’t enough to set him back – 10 days after the injury Gareth was back in the gym again and giving it his all. Fantastic effort and I look forward to continue our training together”