Featured in The Healthy Digest, the health and fitness guide in Good Things Magazine, Embody Fitness talks about ‘The Move of The Month’ with Natalie Glaze.

February sees the Goblet Squat, a great exercise for those who struggle with regular back squats, or have trouble with their lower back, as the weight out front allows for a straight spine and greater squat depth.  Goblet squats really focus on working the glutes, quads and trunk stabilisers and are a key ingredient for anyone looking to add shape to their bottom!

Keep the weight close to the chest and the spine upright. Slowly descend between your knees, keeping your elbows close to the side of the body. Aim to get the thighs parallel with the floor at the bottom of the movement and consciously squeeze the glutes on the way up until your hips are completely straight at the top of the movement.