‘I can’t say enough thankyous to Embody. I’ve worked with many personal trainers and nutritionists over the years and have never had as good an experience or results as I did in the last 8 weeks. Every base is covered from nutrition to fitness to physio treatments. The nutrition is easy to follow, understand and maintain. There are regular meetings and someone on hand to answer my every question! The training sessions are hard work but you know you are in good hands and can be pushed to your limit safely. Not only does Embody tailor a personalised transformation plan, they equip you with the knowledge to make these changes for life. I can’t believe the results I achieved in such a short amount of time so thank you to Steve, Greg and everyone at Embody Fitness!’ – Grace

Grace came to Embody with only a short amount of time until the trip of a life time to Australia for 7 weeks. While Christmas might not be the bikini season for us, down under the weather is a little warmer at this time of year.

Grace did exactly as she was told by the Embody team with advice full tailored to her and saw instant results.

Grace enjoyed the experience so much she is returning to Embody when she gets back from her trip.