“I signed up for personal training as countless years of trying (and failing) to change my body at the gym had left me feeling frustrated and demotivated. It was immediately apparent that this training regime would require me to overcome some deep rooted beliefs that had plagued me for many years …namely that eating any fat would make me fat, lifting heavy weights would make me bulky and I would not see results without pounding the treadmill for several hours a week. However, a few weeks of following Embody’s diet plan and training regime dispelled those myths as my body fat started to drop and my body shape started to change beyond my imagination.

I would like to thank the team for their tireless commitment and dedication in helping me achieve my dream. They have completely changed my outlook on food and has helped me develop a diet which is not only sustainable but actually allows me to eat more than I used to. Mark is a truly exceptional personal trainer. He has pushed me harder than I thought possible but his unwavering enthusiasm and energy makes every session enjoyable.

This experience has changed my life and if you are committed to achieving your dream, they can do the same for you” – Heidi