Training at Embody Fitness has not only transformed my body but changed my life.  It provides so much more than bespoke, best in class, premier league personal training.

After being overweight for over 20 years I did not believe it would be possible to change. I had limited self-confidence and was full of insecurities which had a negative impact physically, socially and professionally.  I made the decision to invest in myself and a commitment to change.

From my initial conversation to final training session the support I received at Embody has been immense.  The 360-degree approach works.  Even before I stepped on the gym floor I had a musculoskeletal assessment, initial measurements, photographs, nutrition plan and supplements to ensure optimum results.

The team were able to design a programme that worked around restrictions from my hip replacement.

The nutrition plan was very straightforward to follow.  I liked the way there was no weighing and did not take much preparation time, I could also find something on plan at most restaurants too

Joshua my trainer is truly amazing.  He knew exactly how to push me to my limit at each session and I loved hearing my % improvements!  The structured, statistical approach works, every rep is recorded. I had never trained with weights previously and now I cannot imagine not lifting – the endorphins!  My highlight was having the strength to do chin-ups.

The frequency of check-ins with Greg ensured I stayed on track, reduced the temptation to stray, allowed tweaks to be made to the nutrition plan and most importantly the numbers showed the progress I was making.  I was shocked by the numbers and % change at each re-test.

Others noticed the changes before I did and I had to learn how to accept compliments rather than bat them away.

Training has now become an integral part of my day rather than reluctantly squeezing in a session as a chore.

Embody has enabled me to be a much stronger person than I ever believed possible, not only physically but in all aspects of my life.

Joshua, Greg and everyone at Embody – THANK YOU