Here we have our top training tips that will help you to keep focussed throughout a transformation programme at Embody Fitness. Written by personal trainer Greg Burns.


My number one tip would be to have a realistic goal in mind. A specific, individual goal that through the inevitable challenging parts of any transformation plan can really keep you focused and keep your ‘eye on the prize.’ With any goal, doing it for the ‘right’ reasons, in my opinion is also hugely beneficial. A great example of this is women training for a wedding, they have a very clear goal, fitting into that perfect dress, looking exactly how they want to for the wedding day. They have a clear goal and work at it.



Consistency is key. With training, nutrition and rest/recovery. Remember if you are training 4 times a week for 1 a hour session, that still leaves 164 hours in your week. Therefore these hours in relation to nutrition and sleep are also vitally important to fuel your success.



Think about the long term goal. Here at Embody Fitness, we don’t simply want to leave you feeling depleted, lethargic or empty at the end of our transformation process. It’s all about enhancing your lives at Embody.

Through our structured nutrition and training plan we enable all of clients to make fantastic transformations, more importantly these transformations are sustainable in all aspects of your life. We aim to go through the training and nutrition to enable clients to maintain their transformation once completed and build from there, an aspect that sets us apart from any other transformation gyms.



Adherence to anything is vital. It is very important that you are enjoying the process. Of course we all have good and bad days, but ultimately you need to enjoy it. Therefore there needs to be a good equilibrium between the optimal but also the enjoyable, one of the reasons our clients stay at Embody. We aim is to deliver outstanding results whilst providing a client experience that is as professional and enjoyable as possible.



With most transformations there are very few modifications to nutrition and training because usually we have a very short time frame and generally (I hate generalisations) most people aren’t training or eating optimally. Therefore you must expect a lot of changes and be prepared for hard work.

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