Jamie Theakston – lost 14% body fat in under 6 months

Heart FM’s Jamie Theakston came to Embody to help get back into top shape, having been active in earlier years, numerous injuries and his hectic work schedule had taken it’s toll on his body.

Read his transformation story below.

Jamie’s Story

“When I was active it was easy for me to drink and eat what I wanted, and I would never get any heavier than about 15 stone [95kg].”

“When you’re 6ft 4in [1.93m] your height can hide a multitude of sins, but at 
the end of last year I was struggling to fit into anything I could buy on the peg. I had a 38in waist: I remember thinking, ‘That’s quite big’.”

“My training with Chris was intensive, tough, but good fun. I mentioned to him that parts of my body that I didn’t know existed were hurting, and I thought I was physically unable to do the things he wanted me to do, he said it’d get easier and I didn’t believe him.
But he was right.”

“The real education for me came along with my new diet. I didn’t know the difference between protein and carbohydrate; I’d never taken much notice of what exactly it was that I was eating – or how much of it I consumed. I’d be in the studio at 5am, then I’d have a breakfast at 6.30am and maybe another one at 8.30am, and it was sausage or bacon sandwiches, tonnes of coffee… looking back it’s kind of shocking. People persuade themselves that they ‘need’ a big breakfast to start the day, but it’s just what they’ve always had. Now I have two eggs with porridge and that’s it.”

“I’m in the best shape I’ve been in for over a decade. You see it in the little things, like running upstairs: a year ago, I was carrying an extra three stone up. I feel brighter, my complexion’s better, all of those things. 
To anyone thinking of changing their own lifestyle, my advice is simple: Don’t be afraid of the challenge. The hardest bit is the first couple of weeks. Then it keeps getting better.”

Jamie Theakston – for Men’s Fitness Magazine.

Photo credits: Glen Burrows for Men’s Fitness