“I don’t have the right body shape. My metabolism isn’t very good. I’m sure diet isn’t that important if you exercise. These were the excuses I consistently told myself to help make me feel justified about my body. After what seemed like years of trying different gyms, fitness magazines and crazy fad diets; a heavy Christmas and a change of job finally gave me the kick up the backside to try and see what I could achieve.

“12 of your finest, Matt”. These would be the words that would both haunt me and get me through each session. But it also (cheesily) applies so much to the whole Embody team. Everyone is ridiculously knowledgeable about fitness and food, and it really shows in the results these guys are achieving. The fact that the trainers are doing similar diets and workout types makes you confident that you can achieve the outcome you want.

I could not have asked for a better trainer. In fact to call him a trainer doesn’t really do him justice, more of a life coach. I don’t think I found a topic that he didn’t know something about, but unfortunately for him that resulted in me inundating him with emails for help (which he always obliged to answer).

I followed whatever I was told to do to the letter (I don’t think he fully realized the power he had!) and the speed of the results was enough to make me grateful for his assistance. But more importantly, I saw him as a friend. By the end of my transformation I wanted to achieve great results to make him proud, as well as me, and this really helped me get through.

These 12 weeks have positively changed me, both physically and mentally. I look forward to progress in the future, and would thoroughly recommend Embody to anyone looking to step their training up a notch!” – Matt