Matt – lost 9.5% body fat and gained 7kgs of lean mass in 10 months

We’re incredibly proud of Matt’s achievements and the amount of effort he’s put in to date. Matt transformed his stance on nutrition and fitness with us, and continues to do so now – we’re excited to see what he will go on to achieve, and is walking proof that hard work really does pay off.

Matt’s Testimonial

“I’d let my training go over the years and although my diet was good, I had excess weight in places which I couldn’t ever shift. I also wanted to build strength and muscle and that’s why I signed up to Embody.

I’ve had the best training anyone could want for at Embody and achieved results that I could I really aspired to.

The transformation wasn’t just aesthetic but also changed my mindset to future training and nutrition, allowing me to continue developing my exercise and fitness beyond the one-on-one training. I learnt a huge amount about correct training techniques and nutritional approach to food.

Over my programs I was trained by Tim Richards, Greg Cornthwaite and Chris Walton, all experts in transforming bodies, dedicated and detailed in their attitude and vision to see you succeed.

Every workout was challenging and supportive and I looked forward to every session.

I couldn’t be happier with how I look and feel today.”

“Matt is an absolute pleasure to train. Every time he shows up he gives 100%. He has smashed so many of his strength PB’s and proved to himself he has what it takes to get the lean physique he wants.

We are now working on gaining more strength while staying lean. We look forward to seeing what Matt can achieve as he continues his training with us.”

– Greg Cornthwaite (Personal Trainer & Deputy Manager)