Without a shadow of doubt, the key to a successful nutritional strategy, whether it be for weight loss, or weight gain, lies in the effective utilisation of snacking. Often choosing the right option can be the difference between sticking to a plan and falling mercilessly off the wagon.
The mechanism behind this lies in stabilising blood sugar, which if allowed to drop will create almost uncontrollable cravings. This is especially true for those with reactive hypoglycaemia, as they tend to have extreme drops in blood glucose leading to notorious food grumps and in more extreme cases, feeling faint or actually passing out.

Below is a clear and concise guide to various snacking strategies for fat loss, maintenance and for adding lean muscle mass. As the nutritional approach we often use at Embody is a customised low carbohydrate approach, all the choices are in accordance with the criteria typically associated with these protocols.

Fat Loss Options

When dieting, your snack choices are critical as you don’t have an abundance of calories to play with and volume of food is an ever present issue. Select a snack high in fats and you dramatically decrease the amount of available calories for the rest of the day. Three great snack options when dieting are therefore:

  1. White fish e.g Prawns, precooked calamari, cold cuts of chicken and turkey.
  2. Low fat cottage cheese
  3. Green veg Juice (homemade)


Here things become a lot more open as fat intake in maintenance phases are usually moderate to high. Here is where more healthy high fat snacks like avocado, humus and a moderate consumption of cured meats can be consumed. The below options will easily slide into a 2300 – 2800kcal plan.
  1. Guacamole made from 1 whole avocado & vegetables
  2. Humus with Vegetables
  3. Protein Pancakes (see recipe at the bottom of this article)


Now the restraints are off and the goal is to add quality fat free mass with the aim to hit a calorie target of around 3000Kcal and upwards. Unlike dieting, we now find the converse problem of trying to actually hit your target calories becomes the problem. Now is the time to utilise calorie dense choices such as nuts, nut butters and oils etc. The free reign of consumption of nuts and high fat meats is a common reason people fail to continue getting leaner when following a low carbohydrate approach. However, now is the time to bring them into the diet as they are one of the best, healthiest ways to increase your total daily calories without having to consume ungodly amounts of animal flesh.
  1. Home roasted & slated Almonds in turmeric
  2. Oat cakes and nut butter
  3. Half a pot of dairy free cream cheese with scoop of protein powder, 1tbs of cashew nut butter, 1tbs of coconut oil and teaspoon of stevia.

Protein Pancake Recipe


  • 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein
  • Half a cup of egg whites
  • 1 teaspoon coconut flour
  • Half a teaspoon of baking soda
The preparation for this great little snack could not be easier; Mix all the above in a bowl and add to a pan with a little coconut oil to stop from sticking.



Written by David Lewis