For the busy city professional who has allowed those extra pounds to creep up – targeting dramatic fat loss, leaving you leaner and more energised than ever before

Rapid Fat Loss

Anybody can drop weight dramatically but to actually lose fat without damage to your metabolism requires an approach that is unique in this industry. There have always been rumours of ‘photoshopping’ before and after pictures but the industry’s real ‘dirty secret’ is that many of the photos you see are of people who’ve been starved and dehydrated for a 10 day period before their photoshoot. As soon as they eat a ‘normal’ diet, these people gain huge amounts of fat and can damage their metabolisms to the extent that it’s tough to lose fat in future.

We don’t believe in extreme calorie restriction, cutting food groups completely from your diet, depletion protocols that look to dehydrate you so you look good for about a day (the day of your photoshoot!) or training you to the point of injury or exhaustion. Instead we take a much more measured yet highly effective method that will yield fantastic results that are still visible months later.

How do we do this? Firstly, we screen all our clients for injuries and our Sports Injuries specialist will help to create a programme that prevent rather than cause injuries. This is important as we cannot afford lost training time due to injury.

Secondly, our nutritional approach uses a method that has been shown to be much more user friendly than counting calories (calories on food packaging can be out by up to 25%!) and doesn’t rely on weighing every morsel of food that passes your lips. Our nutritional approach is about achieving optimal health while gradually increasing the quantity of food you are allowed while supporting muscle growth and fat loss. This is important as the industry ‘standard’ approach is to restrict/decrease food as time goes on which leads to muscle breakdown and a lower metabolism – both of which are disastrous as far as fat loss is concerned.

Rapid Fat Loss – Embody Fitness
Having previously trained alone for 15 years, I joined Embody and was able to lose 13% body fat in 10 weeks

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Rapid Fat Loss – Embody Fitness