Rob – lost 14% body fat in just 12-weeks

Rob made fantastic progress on our 12-week Transform Programme, dropping from 26.8% body fat to just 12.5% – shedding 10kgs fat in the process.

Rob’s Testimonial

“I would like to thank everyone at Embody for the part they played in my transformation, especially Marcel, Tom and Jess. Embody is an amazing gym with a special and friendly feel to it. Starting as a complete novice, I never once felt embarrassed or weak as I have done many times are other gyms or classes.”

“Everyone at Embody Fitness contributes to this. Rose and Laura on reception are very friendly and take an interest in your development offering encouragement and compliments along the way.”

“Tom gave me my nutritional advice and spends lots of time explaining the science behind it and really helped me understand exactly what I needed to eat and when. I thought the diet would be the hardest part about the transformation but with Tom’s help it became very simple and enjoyable. He has now completely changed my mind-set towards food.”

“My training sessions were with Marcel. I cannot speak highly enough of this man! He made training fun, I always looked forward to the sessions and felt comfortable knowing that Marcel would push me the right amount and never let me risk injury. His knowledge of the human anatomy and how to train is incredible. Being in the hands of an expert allowed me to relax and enjoy the sessions and never worry about what else was going on around me. A key part to the success of my training has been how much I have enjoyed it. It was by no means easy but it became very addictive and enjoyable and a huge part of that is because of Marcel.”

“I would also like to thank Jess who trained me whenever Marcel wasn’t available. She was great fun to train with and I really enjoyed our sessions. Jess is a lot of fun to be around and really knows her stuff and is good at getting the most out of me!”

“My body transformation with Embody has been one of the best things I have ever done. It has been completely life changing, not only do I look better but I feel better and that has really helped me in all areas of life.”

“Thanks again to everyone!”

Trainer Marcel tells us more about his journey with Rob:

“Training Robert was a dream come true. He acted like a sponge when I was explaining the exercises and science behind them, despite having very little training experience.”

“After the first three weeks we both could see the progress – visually and performance-wise.”

“He’s going on a 3 week holiday after this 12-week package, and would like to start training 5 times a week when he’s back. This really shows me he is having fun and is hungry for more.”

“I’m looking forward to training Robert after his holiday. Excited for what’s in store!”