“Before I started training with Embody Fitness, I hadn’t been to the gym for months, and I’d fallen into that all-too-easy routine of bad food and drink choices. I justified it by telling myself I didn’t have time to do things differently – with a hectic work and social life, I was too busy to devote lots of time to nutrition and fitness. Then when I first approached Embody, I discovered I’d need to put in just three hours a week to get significant results in 10 weeks. And, though it was tough to give up carbs and alcohol at first, the eating plan was simple and easy to stick to without visiting any specialist shops or having to plan in advance. It was a big help to have a trainer taking you through your workouts, motivating you and pushing you to do more than you would manage alone. It sounds obvious that if you exercise more and eat more healthily, you’ll reap rewards. But it was genuinely surprising to see rapid changes happening in me, both physically and mentally. It didn’t feel like my life had to change drastically to get drastic results – for me, that’s the Holy Grail of fitness.​” – Ruth

Ruth committed 100% and reaped the rewards of doing so. She found herself making changes she knew would still and won’t be reverting back to old ways as soon as she finishes!