At Embody Fitness, we introduce a Musculoskeletal Assessment at the beginning of each client’s journey, this enables us to build up a picture of what their body is like and most importantly it is used as a method for injury prevention.

It allows us to look at the muscular balances and imbalances, functional movement patterns, as well as posture, which is all too important for everyday life, especially when beginning a new training program.

By building up a picture of what the client’s body is like, we can highlight areas which can be susceptible to injury, and therefore design a program that appropriately strengthens these weaker, susceptible areas of the body.

A the beginning of the clients journey, a treatment programme is devised in addition to the training program, highlighting areas to be worked on with the sports performance therapist along side the personal trainers.

Keep a look out for next weeks feature where we will introduce you to our new member to the Embody team, sports therapist Sophie.