Our experienced team are here to help you achieve both pain free and optimal performance outcomes

Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation

The biggest predictor for future injury is previous injury. If you’ve ever had an injury you are already at much greater risk of becoming injured (most probably in the same area) as traditional rehabilitation techniques are only designed to achieve ‘pain free’ outcomes rather than ‘optimal’ performance. Our experienced team are used to achieving both pain free and optimal performance outcomes having worked in some of the most unforgiving professional sports in the world.

Our comprehensive screening process will help determine why an injury occurred in the first place while our Sports Therapist will put together a comprehensive ‘end-stage’ rehabilitation programme that will run, seamlessly, into a strength and conditioning programme designed for optimal performance. Nutrition plays a huge part in rehabilitation from injury or operations and our team will ensure you have the best quality advice on this matter as well as the tried and tested methods used with professional athletes who rely on speedy recovery from injury.

If you’ve had an injury, or operation, and want to ‘bullet-proof’ yourself, this is the package for you.