When it comes to building a chest you may never stray too far from benching, variations of dumb bell presses, fly’s, and a token pec deck here and there. Over time many will fall victim to those dreaded shoulder issues which inevitably lead to plateaus in both strength and muscular development. 

If you are smart you will have already built in a good shoulder mobility routine before lifting, incorporated semi supintated dumb bell work and ideally pay a visit to a soft tissue specialist every now and again. If you are lucky you will have access to equipment such as a Swiss Bar (pictured below)

This was one of the key exercises utilised in Ben’s 8 week transformation currently featured in Men’s Fitness magazine. Due to some pre existing shoulder problems, Ben had been forced to avoid traditional Bench pressing. However after mobilising properly before sessions, addressing some minor issues with form and utilising the Swiss Bar, Ben’s shoulder issues cleared up nicely and he’s now finally making gains in his chest development.