Living in a buzzing metropolis like London has its many benefits, yet despite the tangible allures there is a risk of losing appreciation for a few of life’s valuable commodities. The concept of silence, basic human kindness and the disregard for optimum health & physical, spiritual and psychological well-being. Within the confines of fast paced city living it’s not a surprise that we forgo a few or all of these little practices. However, they are entities that when applied reverberate out, having an impact on our lives far greater than the sum of their parts.

This is a sentiment that rings true in the realms of weight training. We all know the importance of warming up, It is a valid component of training. I speak from personal experience here and when the hectic pressures of city living and vicissitudes of work life start piling up, with ominously looming deadlines the first thing to be omitted from my time constrained training sessions is not the precious set of heavy dead lifts, but the seemingly unimportant warm up and mobilisation drills. I often have to remind mind myself of how this seemingly insignificant act has a profound and positive influence on my training life.

For the time it takes to complete a warm up drill the relative positive benefits gained are completely disproportionate. A few quick movement drills before your sessions will have a greater impact on flexibility and injury prevention than a static stretching session of the same length, which would provide very little in the way of noticeable improvements. It’s for this reason that despite a reluctance to warming up this habit must be embraced.

Below is a lower body mobilisation routine that is regularly deployed within our walls, it’s a mix-match of techniques taken from two mellifluous patrons to our industry, No nonsense strength coach Joe Defranco and movement guru Ido Portal. Is this the only way to mobilise? … Certainly not. Is it the best way?…..possibly not….Yet it does elicit a positive effect that can greatly increase mobility, reduce injury and improve performance. This is a favorite of mine because it is simple, quick and effective providing noticeable benefits, I would urge time pressed individuals to incorporate this simple routine into their training as the benefits completely outweigh the time it takes to execute.

Lower body warm up and mobilisation Drill

10 Fire hydrant circles (clockwise) each leg

10 Fire hydrant circles (anti-clockwise ) each leg

10 mountain climber lunge each leg

10 squat thrust stretch

10 backward roll to V sit

10 backward roll to sit and reach

10 prone leg swing each leg

5 overhead squats


Written by David Lewis