First of all, happy new year from everyone at Embody Fitness. 2013 saw the opening of our new and exclusive personal training facility and whilst it has been a tremendously successful start for us, there are already some very big and exciting things lined for 2014.

As we all know the new year represents an opportunity to make a fresh start. Large commercial gyms will be swamped with crowded free weights areas and cues for the treadmills, with people that statistically have very little chance of doing more than shifting a few modest pounds at best.

If it’s life changing results you are looking for then rather than taking the inauspicious decision to drag yourself through this painful new years cliche, why not consider taking your first step to success in 2014 and book in for a free consult with Embody Fitness. This will give you the opportunity to see first hand how and why we are able to do the things with do with our clients.


For the month of January only we are offering discounts on all our personal training services.

Rapid Fat Loss

Ben edited pics If you have picked up the latest edition of Men’s Fitness Magazine then you will have undoubtedly seen Ben’s incredible 8 week results. If it’s fat loss you’re after and you want it in a hurry, then our unique fat loss training system will provide you with just what the doctor ordered. You can see more on Ben’s transformation including video blogs in the results gallery of this website, and without wishing to give to much away you will be seeing a lot more about this transformation hitting the shelves in 2014.

Embody City Challenge 

Personal trainer London/embody fitness/ fat lossAs our private facility is located on the Bank of England right in the heart of the City of London the vast majority of our clientele tend to be busy city men and women. If you picked up a copy of City Magazine last year then you may have read about Rich Brown’s 8 week Embody City Challenge. Whilst Rich had been a self professed slave to city life and all it’s perils and pit falls, his unimpeachable results show what is possible for those serious about making change. After his remarkable success Rich recently took a little time out from his busy work schedule to sport his new fitness model physique for the pages of Men’s Fitness Magazine.

Female Fat Loss

Personal trainer London/embody fitness/ female fat loss

Ladies… Let’s make this the year to finally free your minds of the prehistoric, inferior and obsolete training methods that will NOT get you the long term, life changing results that you want so badly. Amy (pic above) for years, had fallen victim to the same pontificating opinions that typically float around the female targeted media. 2013 however was the year that not only did she overcome this “fear” of lifting weights, but also now embraces REAL training and all it’s benefits. Learning how to control her diet, exercise properly and take control of her life, Amy’s 12 week Female Fat Loss results should help you lift any feelings of trepidation, and serve as inspiration to what can be achieved with correct training and nutrition habits..

If you’re tired of consistently falling short in your training and fitness endeavors, then make 2014 the year you take control of your life and get the body you deserve.

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